Selling Homes in Centreville VA with Goss Realty Group


Let’s Get You Home

There are many people out there, agents included, who think that selling a home consists of Putting a sign in the yard, Placing it on the MLS, and Praying that it sells. We call that “the 3 P’s of Real Estate.” Most of the time, the home will sell… eventually, and not for its full market value. To get the results you deserve, you need a team that specializes in selling homes in Centreville VA.

Goss Realty Group brings you and your family a truly exceptional experience. Our expertise comes from a constant refining of skills through extensive training and work in the Centreville VA real estate market. From the moment you sign an agreement with us to the settlement table and beyond, your home sale will be under the care of a team of professionals. We will always inform you of other homes for sale in Centreville VA that your home may be in competition with, and ensure that your home is seen more often.

Understanding Who Looks for Homes

Buyers searching for homes for sale in Centreville VA are almost always working with an agent and looking online. When selling homes in Centreville VA, it is essential to work with a listing agent who will aggressively market your home online and to other agents in the area. Goss Realty Group’s customized marketing plan maximizes your home’s exposure on those two essential platforms.

To reach other agents who are helping buyers find homes for sale in Centreville VA, the first thing you need is an agent who is part of a strong referral network. Within the first few hours of signing a listing agreement with Goss Realty Group, hundreds of local agents will know that your house is coming on the market. Homes have been sold before they even make it to the market through these “pre-listing” marketing techniques. Both through our ties with Keller Williams Realty (the #1 real estate agency in the nation in agent count) and our extensive social media reach, your home will be marketed directly to agents and buyers searching for homes for sale in Centreville VA.

Marketing Your Home to Thousands

In addition, within 24 hours of the listing date, your home will be populated to the local MLS and 100+ other listing sites used to search for homes for sale in Centreville VA. You home will be the subject of classified ads, blog posts, social media blasts, and press releases that are cross-linked to the most popular sites on the web within the first week on the market. This aggressive promotion of your home will be repeated weekly until your home is sold for its full market value. You will not find a stronger internet marketing plan for your home from an agent or team specializing in selling homes in Centreville VA.

Beyond our internet reach, Goss Realty Group excels in the more “traditional” real estate marketing tactics. There will be a sign in your yard and brochures in the house before your home is on the market, and open houses beginning after the first full week on the market. Our team will also notify members of the community through door-to-door campaigns, email blasts, and direct calling that your home is for sale. Our goal is that the other homes for sale in Centreville VA will be completely overshadowed by yours.

Why Choose Goss Realty Group

All of these elements will put your home at the forefront of home searches by buyers and agents. You will receive frequent communication from us about the traffic through your house and any genuine interest from buyers. Offers are delivered quickly and analyzed in detail with you, step-by-step, to make sure that not only are you getting market value for your home, but you are also dealing with a ready and qualified buyer. It is of utmost importance to everyone at Goss Realty Group that you understand all the terms of any contract you sign and are always aware of the process as we go along. We always strive to not only get you the best deal for your home, but to educate you about the home sale process. Selling a home in Centreville VA will be as low-stress and high reward as possible when you work with us.

So, what are you waiting for? There are new homes for sale in Centreville VA every week, and shouldn’t yours be the one that sells for the price that you want? Contact Goss Realty Group today to begin your journey to complete home sale satisfaction. Let’s Get You Home!


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